About Caretech Solutions

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About CareTech Solutions

We are a partnership of like- minded, highly experienced professionals who are results driven and passionate about reducing the risks of falls and ensuring that proven innovative techniques are put into action to provide the data required to track these reductions.

Our combined experience and network enables us to speak to the many clinicians, administrators, collaborators and care providers across the health care continuum providing seniors’ care in Canada.

  • CareTech looks at the whole person through a scientific lens with a human touch
  • CareTech uses the data that tech produces to determine care planning objectives that include physical and mental health of the individual
  • CareFall utilizes regular follow-ups to make objective comparisons to baseline data to determine effectiveness of care plan implementations to ensure reduced falls risk and healthier lifestyles including social engagement
  • CareFall assessments and their regular monitoring reduces the HHR time commitment of staff for data gathering and increases the effectiveness of care plan implementation as well as frees up time for other life enhancing interaction with the resident.
  • CareFall assessments are able determine levels of potential issues around diabetic foot ulcers, skin breakdown, pre-cognition issues, and hearing loss.
  • CareTech continually looks for new technology that can offer effective, affordable, and easy to access assessments that produce data results that drive healthy life outcomes for each individual
  • CareTech seeks to understand the person, their bio-mechanics, cognition abilities, and environment to assist caregivers with the highest level of readily available results.

Our Vision

We believe that innovative digital healthcare needs to have the ability to be delivered in a clear and concise manner so that the results of the data collected can provide immediate and effective Care Plans for older adults and their caregivers.

We believe that technology still needs the human touch.

Our Mission

By using established, standardized and objective assessments for identifying falls risks, individualized interventions to care routines can be implemented. The identification and understanding of physical limitations, assists in the ability to modify the living environment, before the falls happen. This approach will reduce falls risk and create living environments for residents to live a safer and healthier life.

The Future of Falls Prevention is Intervention

Step 1

CareFall will be launched into pilot project locations to best establish protocols and process. As these are quickly established, we continue conversations with new partner, governments and agencies to include CareFall as part of their care plans and solutions.

Step 2
We’re expanding beyond senior living walls to serve the broader community. Our Community Hub will collaborate with health partners to extend our fall prevention program to seniors living at home.

Step 3
Expanding our fall prevention efforts, we’ll integrate new innovations like vision and oral health screening, stroke detection, social engagement initiatives, and environmental monitoring.

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Falls of Seniors are reported each year


Is the cost to the healthcare of each reported fall in Seniors' living


The average 100 bed Seniors living space records 100 Falls per year, a cost to the system of $1.3M/year

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