Scalability & Expansion

CareTech Soluitions looks to be a bridge of the new Age-Tech products that have exploded into existence over the past few years to clients, users, and partnership opportunities. Many of these products have the capability of answering much of the needs within eldercare but lack the ability to connect with audiences who can integrate their products in a meaningful way. The understanding of funding models and delivery agencies in Canada’s healthcare system is complex, there are pitfalls and dead ends. Care Tech’s senior management team have been operators, clinicians, and marketers in this space for over thirty years and have established not just a vast network of contacts but also ways and means to see projects through to implementations and success.

Potential customers and users struggle to find the time and resources to learn new methods to be able to take advantage of this new technology and as a result many solutions are slow to be accepted or left on the shelf.

It is our vision to continually vet new age-tech to expand our offering under one umbrella that will incorporate not just the product or service but the training, implantation and tracking of each solution. Each technology combining with each other to give a clearer perspective and understanding of the client/patients’ care planning.

CareTech has partnered with a global software company to provide transparent data for care planning. We have also partnered with a leading HR solutions company in order to provide a bundle support solution for our client homes.

We can execute our assessments through our partnership with a leading clinical team that are able to expand to all regions of Canada.

Our first projects with be launched shortly in selected geographies with partner organizations ready to adapt our CareTech philosophies

If you have a new solution or an existing product that can benefit our older population and need a new way to deliver to multiple clients,then we would love to talk to you.

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