Capacity Assessments

Functional Physical Capacity Assessments

A FCE establishes an outline of an individuals’ physical functional level. Depending on the nature of an individual’s injury, illness, or status, a functional abilities evaluation may be used to help determine an individual’s abilities and outline any immediate or long-term risks from resuming normal at-home functions and activities of daily living. The purpose of the FAE is to objectively identify impairments or disabilities and how they may affect an individual’s ability to return to certain parts or all of your normal activities. The FCE can also determine which modifications or restrictions are required to protect your current abilities and prevent future injury.

Cognitive Functional Capacity Assessments

A Cog-FCE is an assessment that objectively assesses an individual’s cognitive abilities, including attention and memory, planning and problem-solving, and behavioural changes and fatigue. The comprehensive COG-FCE consists of an in-depth interview, a series of standardized assessments related to an individual’s challenges, and a review of collateral information from your family or other available documentation. The Cog-FCE will provide recommendations for an individualized rehabilitation program or provide recommendations for care. This includes strategies and accommodations addressing specific areas of concern that may help an individual to safely remain in their own home environment or safely increase or maintain daily activities.

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