Environmental Assessments

Completing the CareFall program would include an environmental assessment. Aging in Place begins with a safe environment. Without safety, the rest of the project is at risk. Those who have Age Safe ® Senior Home Safety Specialist (SHSS)™ training are best able to identify the many potential dangers or concerns within the home as they pertain to the senior client.

Our homes become our comfort zone and too well known to ourselves, and we often miss changes to the home’s integrity or small details that may lead to larger issues, especially around safety. Having an outside set of knowledgeable eyes provides insurance that small difficulties do not becomes larger ones.

A safety assessment will look at the obvious issues around fire and electrical safety, falls hazards, general home upkeep, lighting, security, accessibility, prescription safety, and suggested home modifications.

CareTech recognized the gap in the various continuing education offerings and course curriculums and brought the Age Safe® SHSS™ to Canada to better enable those professionals dedicated to eldercare to take these learnings into their field and empower them to be able to identify and acknowledge any potential risks.

If you are interested in taking the Age Safe SHSS™ course, please click here https://agesafecanada.talentlms.com

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